One Direction accept the Cosmo Ultimate Men of the Year Award - video

As well as being about inspirational women, the Cosmo Ultimate Women Awards with VO5 last night had a few bodacious blokes along to punctuate the evening.

One Direction picked up the award for Ultimate Men of the Year, and they couldn’t frickin’ believe it – “mainly because people still say that we’re boys,” said Harry.

one direction cosmopolitan awards

While they couldn’t get down to the ceremony to pick it up themselves, they all joined Zayn’s freshly dyed badger quiff to film a quick acceptance video in some co-ordinated Autumnal orange. Lovely stuff.

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Despite the lack of One Direction action, we managed to struggle along alright with the boys that were down at the V&A in South Kensington.

Check out our instagram (@sugarscaper) for pics of the hotties from last night, or feast your eyes on THIS glorious treat of Union J, District3 and Lawson. Woof.

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