Liam Payne reveals who that new arm quote tattoo is all about - VIDEO

After a lifetime wearing slippers and sipping hot cocoa by the fire, Liam Payne has been trying out the wilder side of life just lately. But not satisfied with doing a Britney and shaving off all his hair, he's now gone and followed the other One Direction lads by getting a few tattoos of his own.

liam payne magic trick funky buddha

Chatting away to Scott Mills during an album Ustream, all the lads - with the exception of Niall "my arse is too squidgy" Horan - explained the meaning behind some of their tatts.

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It's fair to say that between them they've got more inkings than anyone can keep up with, but Captain Sensible is the latest to join the club, getting not only a little screw but several quotes tattooed on his arm.

 liam payne new arm tattoo quote

After leaving us to guess what the one up his arm says, Liam has now revealed that it actually reads, 'Everything I ever wanted, but nothing that I'll ever need'.

Explaining the very philosophical meaning behind it all, he said: "It's basically that obviously we've got a lot of things from doing this and stuff, and there are things that I want, but all I ever need is my family and these four boys right here."

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Check out the video to see what the other lads have to say about theirs..

Bless 'em. Well, apart from Harold and the whole losing a bet tattoo thing.

What do you think about all this?

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