Hot or not: Jack Whitehall the Halloween cockroach

You only have to think about those hairbands to realise that Jack Whitehall is not one to shy away from an experiment in the fashion department. But while we usually still fancy him when his hair is all fluffed up by an Alice Band, this cockroach chic might be a step too far even for us.

Jack Whitehall dressed us as a cockroach for Halloween

Fed up of all those gilets and polo shirts, Jack seems to have finally seen the light and decided to shake up his look and will be attending all future social functions dressed as a variety or creepy crawlies.

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Just wait until you see his caterpillar.

Ok, maybe it's not something he'll necessarily be wearing next time he hits the red carpet, but we're still not sure why he decided that a cockroach was the perfect Halloween outfit choice.

Heading off to Jonathan Ross's festive bash with girlfriend Gemma Chan, he tweeted a snap of them doing their scary faces, saying: "Sexy zombie nurse and slightly less sexy cockroach."

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Yeah, you've kinda got a point there Jack..

Jack Whitehall and girlfriend Gemma Chan head to Jonathan Ross's Halloween bash

Well that was weird, what do you think - has this got you over fancying him or does the sight of him in comedy polyester just make you like him more?

Comments please..

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Images: PA and Twitter
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