Aston Merrygold shows off new BAD tattoo

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The world of celebrity inkings is more happening than Chantelle Houghton's Twitter feed after a few Lambrinis on a Friday. Fresh after new tatt displays from Liam Payne and Ed Sheeran, Aston Merrygold as showed off some new ink-action on his arm.

Kevin Paul (who tattoos Harry Styles, Rizzle Kicks and loads more as well as JLS) gave Aston his new creations, and showed them off on his Instagram over the weekend.

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aston merrygold tattoo

With lots of shaded skull detail (do we sound like a proper tatto artist?), Aston got the words "there's good and BAD in all of us" floating out of a stero, with BAD written in Michale Jackson's style of BAD.

Let's say BAD again. BAD.

aston merrygold new tattoo

Finished off underneath his two snogging... Am Dram Masks...both crying... slightly looking like clowns? For want of a better description.

Anyway, Aston's new arm ink joins tattoos of stars on his neck, a tribute to his late friend on his arm, a treble clef on his back and another MJ tatt on his bicep. He's also apparently been watching loads of Miami Ink and thinking about setting up his own tattoo studio. Best get practicing drawing the sugarscape logo ey Ast?

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