Zayn Malik goes blonde. Kind of. Not really. But we can imagine.

One Direction trundled their way through LAX airport this morning, keeping their heads down in comfy clothes, wistfully dreaming of the day they get to gently caress the face of a Sugarscape staffer again.

Zayn Malik’s hood-coverage ended up leaving our favourite piece of his hair – and what some call ‘the sixth member of One Direction’ – the badger quiff, exposed - AND HE LOOKED BLONDE.

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zayn malik one direction lax airport

From the other pics we’ve seen that he hasn’t hit the bleach bottle and it’s just a lucky camera angle, but just LOOK at him. Imagine what it would be like if he just went for it and was blonde all over.

Definitely would need to do something about those eyebrows.

zayn malik one direction blonde quiff

He reminds us a little of Mr Jay from America’s Next Top Model.

jay manuel antm

Creepy. We spoke to Russell Kane about Zayn stealing his hair at the Cosmo Awards - check it out;

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