District3's Dan Ferrari-Lane still texting Katie Price?

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Despite all those "utterly ridiculous and silly stories about a boyband member" that Katie Price was going on about last week when she split from boyfriend Leandro Penna, she has apparently been texting one particular boyband member. One who just happens to be District3's Dan Ferrari-Lane.

Dan Ferrari-Lane

They might seem like a slightly unusual pairing, but apparently the pair hit things off after meeting at the hotel the X Factor contestants are staying at.

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"I met her and she just text me saying 'hello, it was nice to meet me', just general chit-chat, pretty standard start.

"And I'm open to any more people texting me."

Nice one Dan - just give us your number and our thumbs will be all yours..

Katie Price still texting District 3's Dan Ferrari-Lane? X Factor!

The X Factor stylists might need to sort Rylan out with some sort of cupids outfit as apparently we have him to thank for the little bit of match making.

Don't worry about the heart-shaped bow and arrow though, we'd imagine he's probably got one lying around.

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"Kate is obviously a good friend of mine," Rylan said. "She came to my room when I was at the hotel, everyone was in the room, we all had a really nice night and basically I give Kate Dan's number.

"And they just had a couple of texts, nothing happened, harmless flirting, whatever, Kate's a single girl, Dan's a single guy, good luck to them all."

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So what do you think of that then? Should we beat the rush and buy a hat for the wedding now?

Comments please..

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