WHEY: Check out these vintage District3 videos

So we’re all loving District3 a bit too much at the moment and such love has resulted in a substantial amount of cyber-stalking. Don’t judge us.

On said stalks we stumbled across a few videos of the boys back before The X Factor when they were GMD3, looking really... dare we say it... CUTE. Yes, that’s right, CUTE. And proper sexy.

So to see some wholesome boyband grass action...


Greg West fizzing everywhere....

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Greg West

And some “We’re dead serious, yeah”, faces...

District3, You Smile







Here's the boys giving it some Jason Deruuulo, and Greg being all finny and charming. OH YOU'RE SO FUNNY AND CHARMING, GREG OF THE WEST.

Dan Ferrari-Lane playing a prank on Greg, that invloves something that we won't make a sex joke about.

The boys getting their Biebs on...

We're in full-on crush mode. Shut up. 

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