One Direction's FULL Wonderland mag behind the scenes video

Whoever came up with the concept of styling One Direction in Wonderland Magazine as cheesy 70s icons and giving them puppies – we salute you. We want to invite you round for fish fingers and spaghetti hoops, and we’ll even lgive you a hob-nob (NOT a euphemism).

louis tomlinson wonderland magazine

The boys got busy playing with pups for a shoot a few weeks ago, and the full length behind the scenes video has finally emerged. It basically features the boys getting more involved with the puppies, holding them up to their faces some more and making us all wish we were a hairy, 20cm tall, four footed ball of slobbery cuteness.

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Or a stylist, they seem to get to touch them a lot too (and probably dribble less, although we can’t confirm this).


Check out the pictures from the shoot here

One Direction sing What Makes You Beautiful with puppies on their lap

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