AGH: Harry Styles gets two new swallow tattoos on his chest - PICS HERE

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One Direction might have been gearing up for their performance on X Factor USA in LA today, but Harry Styles has still managed to show off his brand new tattoos of two birds (we think they're probably swallows) that appear to be happily nesting away on his chest.

At the rate he's going, Hazza seems well on the way to turning himself into a human dot to dot. Not that we have a problem with that - we'd happily doodle our way across him with felt tip any time he likes.

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One Direction's Harry Styles shows off his two new swallow bird tattoos backstage at the X Factor USA

Spending five hours at the colourfully titled Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Tattoo parlour yesterday evening, it looks like he was doing more than admiring the shop where David Beckham gets his tatts and instead Hazza turned up at today's rehearsals with several new inkings.

Revealing the moob tatts to the backstage crew at the X Factor, it sounds like Harry is pretty pleased with his new little friends.

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We can't help wondering what he's called them although we'd like to think he's named them after something close to his heart. Bearing in mind they're on his chesty bits, we'd imagine 1D have had a great time discussing them..


What do you think about his latest tatt?

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