Zayn Malik - your T-shirt is WRONG

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While larking about with a football during some downtime in LA yesterday, One Direction's Zayn Malik was spotted wearing a rather fetching T-Shirt emblazoned with the words: 'Cool Kids Don't Dance.'

Now, while it's undeniable that the Z-dawg was looking pretty darn tasty in said T-shirt - we do have a slight problem with its somewhat conflicting message.

zayn malik can't dance

Because Zayn is definitely, 100 per cent cool - he's got that whole smouldering-quiffy-brooding-pouty thing DOWN.

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Yet he also most definitely dances. Let's examine the evidence.



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We think you'll agree that due to the overwhelming evidence presented above, it's possible to say that Zayn has come a long way from his 'Can't Dance, Won't Dance' X Factor bootcamp ways - and is now, in fact, quite the little mover.

Therefore, we would like to put it to the jury that the aforementioned T-shirt is factually INCORRECT. (Can you tell we watch too much Judge Judy?)

zayn malik wearing cant dance t shirt

Look - this football related pose even LOOKS like a dance move.

As punishment, we suggest Zayn be stripped of the offending garment and made to walk around topless for at least the next year. Anyone agree?

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