When it comes to celebs being made into dolls, there really is a lot of room for things to go wrong. But forget weird blank expressions and a lack of bendable limbs, because JLS's JB Gill is more worried about the fact that his could probably double for a Caribbean version of George Michael.

JLS JB Gill 'not pleased' about his doll - Oritse Williams says it looks like a 'Caribbean George Michael'

You might think that they'd have been over the moon at being recreated as miniature plastic people, but JB reckons he drew the short straw when it came to their alter egos.

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"I wasn't very happy with mine," he admitted to Wylde magazine. "The second edition was alright."

No need to get carried away they Jaybs. It's not like there's a massive holiday coming up you should be advertising your wares for or anything.

Oh wait..

To be fair Oritsé seems to think JB might have a point, adding: "JB's one looks like Akon, or a Caribbean George Michael!"

What a charmer.

Even so, Marvin's pretty excited about the whole thing, saying: "The whole doll thing was incredible. Take That and N*Sync did it back in the day.

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"Now it's massive again. All the boybands have dolls. We've brought that back."


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