Zayn Malik thinks his quiff has doubled in size since his last measure

We've always thought that One Direction's Zayn Malik had a pretty big quiff, but after some serious investigation we have come to a shocking conclusion; Over the last 11 months it may well have DOUBLED in size.

Let's just compare what it looked like then and now shall we?

One Direction's Zayn Malik reckons his quiff is 12 cm tall

If you cast your mind back to the deep, dark depths of last December, you might remember that we put ourselves on the front line of journalism and actually measured Zayn's hair. With a pink ruler.

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He loved the feeling of that plastic stationary on his forehead and we came away assured in the knowledge that the quiff was standing tall at a good 6 centimetres.

One Direction's Zayn Malik reckons his quiff is 12 cm tall

That seemed pretty mighty to us, but fast forward to the present day and we're fairly impressed Zayn can even lift his head from his Animals of Farthing Wood bedspread in the morning as he reckons the addition of the badger has left his quiff almost doubled in size.

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"I think it's about ten to 12 centimetres," he told Top of the Pops magazine. "I don't pay too much attention to it, because luckily I have someone else to do it for me."

Blimey Zayn. We love a decorative apple and all, but if you're not careful you're going to look like one of those ladies with a pineapple hat stuck on her head. Saying that, snacking on the go is probably an issue for popstars so who knows..

It sounds like it might be time for us to get the ruler out again, but what do you think?

Reckon 12cm sounds like a quiffing good trend of more of a health and safety hazard?

Comments please.

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