Zayn Malik on girls giving him sanitary towels...

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Call us old fashioned but the thought of giving someone we fancy a sanitary towel or tampon just doesn’t sit well. Probably something to do with the fact that they’re the least sexy thing we can think of. We dunno.

Anyway, a few months ago Directioners went through a phase of throwing tampons at One Direction when they were on stage, and sticking sanitary towels to their car. Yum.

Zayn Malik

“Once we were in Liverpool doing a radio tour and when we pulled up in the car park underneath the radio station we noticed that someone had stuck a sanitary towel with her name on it on the side of the car!” a bemused Zayn Malik told Top of the Pops.

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While some certain members of the band may have got practical with the feminine hygiene products (Louis Tomlinson – sassy shoulder pads obvs, Liam Payne – keep one on hand just in case Niall falls over and cuts his knee); Zayn’s had quite enough of being reminded of bleeding vaginas.

“It certainly got our attention but we probably wouldn’t want anyone doing that again.”

Zayn Malik

How polite Zayn. Maybe it future you could borrow some of Perrie’s to pelt back at them. (Dear Miss Edwards, sort for bring your period into this.)

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