Louis Tomlinson: A One Direction fan gave me crabs...

There’s a lot of weirdness involved when it comes to being in One Direction; medical bills for exploding ovaries, having to deal with a paynis, and Niall Horan’s chicken fetish, to name a few. However things don’t get stranger than some of the gifts that the boys get given by fans.

One Direction

During a chat with Viva, Harry Styles revealed a fan had brought them, "A box of mushrooms dressed like us."

IS THAT ‘CAUSE YOU’RE REAL FUN GUYS? (That joke came courtesy of our dads, we’re so very, very sorry.)

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Louis Tomlinson however has perhaps received the most peculiar gift of them all...

“[The weirdest gift I've been given] was a live hermit crab,” said The Sasquatch, having a scratch and wondering when he last saw it.

Here’s a picture we found of a crab with Lego on his shell that is called Harry. Awesome.

Among all the weird gifts, Liam Payne managed to bag himself the most dad-like one of them all.

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“I got given a Swiss army knife.”

So bloody practical.

On that note let's look at the time we made One Direction all squeeze into one pair of knickers. There was blood.



Would you like to give One Direction some fungus or crabs? Have you...?

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