Harry Styles "receiving sick death threats"?

There’s no quicker way to have your eyes opened to a whole world of weirdos than getting famous. Just ask Harry Styles.

While the One Direction singer has an incredible fanbase, there are also those out there who will go out of their way to send abuse and hurtful things to him and his family.


Throughout his career Hazza has had his fair share of sick messages via internet trolls, but now things have been taken to a whole new level of awful as his mum Anne and sister Gemma have received them.

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According to The Scottish Daily Record, things have gotten so bad that the police have been asked to look at them.

"Harry has got used to receiving idiotic messages from jealous people. But he absolutely hates the thought that his mum and sister are now being used by warped individuals to get at him,” a source told the newspaper.

According to an insider one of the messages sent to Gemma said that Harry should "commit suicide" and "it would be funny if he got cancer...he should die."

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Harry is understandably upset about all the abuse.

"Harry doesn't take hate very well,” the source continued. “He really takes that sort of thing to heart. He doesn't understand why they hate him. He's upset because he doesn't know what he's done."

What is it with weirdos on the internet? Pretty tragic that they don’t have anything better to do than send disgusting messages to people whose happiness and success they’re jealous of. We're angry.

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