Zayn Malik finds fame tough - because he can't 'go to a kids playhouse'

We imagine that there are many downsides to being famous. Going partially deaf from screaming fans, finding sanitary towels stuck to your car and being away from friends and family are just a few examples.

However, One Direction's Zayn Malik has a slightly stranger concern - he can't pop down the local kids playhouse without being recognised. ERRRRRR.

Yup, Zayn revealed in a recent interview that he struggles to cope with fame at times, and finds it frustrating that he can't go and have a bounce around a ball pond whenever he fancies it.

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Asked what he missed about the days before he was one fifth of the biggest boyband on the planet Zayn told The Sun: “The fact that you could literally go anywhere, say anything and no one will judge you for it.

“Now, if I was seen going to do something stupid like go to a kids’ playhouse or something to be childish, people would look at me strangely.”

Yes, they would Z-Dawg. Although it would probably be the fact that a grown adult was attempting to squeeze himself down a child-sized slide that would be generating said strange looks, rather than the whole 'world fame' thing.

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zayn malik in a kids playhouse

Still, we wouldn't feel too sorry for the Bradford Bad Boi - he's got so much money these days he could easily afford to to build his very own kids playhouse.

In fact, invite us round when you do, eh Zayn? We'd love to have a play in your ballpond. *wink*

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