OOPS: Louis Tomlinson shows off new tattoos outside Toys R US...

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Last night One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne went to Toys R US in New York's Times Square, bought some plastic guns, and waved them around a bit for the crowds of watching fans and paparazzi.

Dear god Barack Obama, you realise you've invited these boys into THE WHITE HOUSE right?

louis tomlinson new tattoo

Anyway, while we were enjoying the lads 'shooting faces' (look at Liam, he's pretending he's in James Bond or something) we couldn't help but notice something slightly different about Luigi T.

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Because he's only gone and unveiled the brand new tattoos (PLURAL) he had inked in LA a few days ago.

one direction louis tomlinson new tattoo

Yep, The Sasquatch has had the word 'OOPS' inscribed over that oh-so-detailed inking of a stick man on a skateboard - possibly as a reference to the trouble he gets in from being so darn SASSY.

You can also catch a wee glimpse of Luigi's second new tatt - a cluster of birds on his wrist. Yes, we know it just looks like a load of specs in this photo.

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louis tomlinson new tattoos

One Direction - keeping the tattoo industry in business since 2010.

What do you make of Tommo's new inkings? Watch this video of Liam and Louis sharing a tender moment while you compose your answer.


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