Liam Payne fangirls hard after meeting Jay Z backstage at Justin Bieber's Brooklyn concert

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We're sure that the majority of you will know what it is to fangirl. The sweaty palms, the (often hysterical) screaming and that feeling of being totally tongue tied all feature quite heavily.

Well yesterday it was One Direction's Liam Payne who experienced all of the above - when he met Jay Z backstage at Justin Bieber's Brooklyn concert.

Liam payne fangirls over jay z - photo

D'awww look - he doesn't quite no what to do with his hand.

The Paynis took to the tinterweb to tweet about meeting the rapper, posting a photo along with the caption: "Jayyyyyyyyy zzzzz".

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A classic sign of fangirling there, the inability to lift one's finger from the keyboard.

Liam then shared a SECOND snap of his new pal, writing: "Alssoooo my biggest news todayy i met one of my idols and couldnt even look him in the eye...[sic]"

Awww, now you know how pretty much every female in the country feels when they see/hear/smell you Lee-Lee. 

Liam fangirls over Jay Z

What makes this story even better is that Liam's bandmate Niall Horan and El Biebo's manager Scooter Braun clearly found the whole thing HILARIOUS.

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Scooter tweeted: "enjoyed introducing @Real_Liam_Payne to @JayZ and seeing him fangirl. myself and @niallofficial had a good laugh. he was...speechless."

The poor boy was probably partially blinded by Mr. Z's pretty ring, Scooter. Look at it!

liam payne meets jay z

Niall also joined in the fun, writing: "@scooterbraun @Real_Liam_Payne @JayZ yes payno loved it! he was buzzin! meeting your idols" 

Well, we imagine 'Payno' will need a little while to recover from all that. What do you think?


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