Lou Teasdale: I got Twitter hate for shaving Liam Payne's head

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It’s one of the universe’s worst kept secrets that One Direction’s powers are all in their hair. Anyone who says that’s not true is a bare faced liar. If there is one force more powerful than the boys’ utterly sexy locks, it’s the woman behind them, Lou Teasdale.


Lou Teasdale and Niall Horan

la Teasdale recently spoke to The X Factor Style Blog at 1D’s ‘air and told them why she and Liam Payne decided to shave all his locks off.

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“We decided to do it for the Vogue shoot, they do so many shoots in one day and it’s really hard trying to make them look different for all of them.

“We had a week off after it and it was the last shoot of the day and his hair was really short anyway so we were going to put it back to normal a week later… But he looked really good and loved it so we just went really short and kept it. Now he gets to sleep in on work days because he doesn’t need any grooming time.”

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Liam Payne

Despite the fact that having no hair to look after is the perfect fit for Liam’s sensible and practical lifestyle, there were certain fans of a hairier Liam that weren’t too happy with Lou’s move.

“I never get twitter hate just nice things,” she told the blog. “But I got my first twitter hate when I shaved Liam’s hair.”

Welcome to the world of Twitter crazies L – Teazel, enjoy it...

What do you think about Paynis’ shaved head, love it as much as Liam and Lou or does it make to feel like pulling your own hair out?


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