Harry Styles: I'm not that bothered about Larry Stylinson rumours

A few months ago One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson got proper wound up about people taking the whole Larry Stylinson thing too seriously, and making his girlfriend Eleanor Calder the target of some particularly nasty online bullying. He took to Twitter to label Larry as “bullsh*t”, and a lot of people made AGGGHHH noises.

Larry Stylinson

We understood where he was coming from, Eleanor is far too lovely for nastiness.

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Harry Styles has kept schtum on the whole Larry thing recently, but in a recent with Now mag was asked about the rumours that he and Luigi had dated.

“I know. Crazy right?” he said.

When asked if he got as annoyed as Louis, Arreh replied: “I’m just not bothered.

“I just think so much gets written and so much gets said. If I sat and explained everything it’d be so long and tiring.”

Well that was the most chilled out response known to man, we guess that Hazza has bigger cougars to fry... That or he took so long to get the words out that by the end of the sentence everyone had just gone home.

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Anyway, check out this really vintage of Louis Tomlinson on the day we first met him. Ahhh.


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