UM: Harry Styles chucked out of a supermarket for swearing at customers - before he was famous

Food shopping can be pretty boring, but had you ever thought of livening up your weekly haul by running through Tesco throwing food about the aisles pretending that you have Tourette’s Syndrome?

One Direction’s Harry Styles has, and the only direction it ever took him was briskly out the doors of the supermarket, following a stern word from security. Naughty boy.

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According to childhood bezza Will Sweeney, he and Hazza used to run riot in their local Tesco, shouting and swearing, and throwing food at one another until they were kicked out of the store.

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What happened to a good old game of cards to keep kids entertained on a winter's evening, ey, Hazman?

“We’d act like complete idiots in public," Will told The Sun. "Harry would go into Tesco, pretend he had Tourette’s and walk around screaming and shouting.

“We’d throw things at each other, we’d just create chaos and a bit of a mess. We were told off by security and customers."

harry styles one direction

Will added: “We played this game where you pick something up and launch it over your head without knowing where the other person is and they’ve got to try to catch it. We grabbed all sorts — bread, sauces — and Harry dropped stuff everywhere.

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“Harry and I got told off at Waitrose once because we were screaming ‘Bogies!’ as loud as we could.”

Yeah alright we’ll admit we’re guilty of that one (WHAT? It's funny), but throwing loaves of Hovis at unsuspecting passers by might be taking things a bit too far. What do you think?

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