Niall Horan wants an American girlfriend: 'I like Americans'

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A word of warning before you continue reading this story: if you're not American, go and grab some tissues - because this latest Niall Horan news is likely to shatter your heart and cause you to sob uncontrollably.

Because Niall Horan has admitted that he wants a girlfriend from the ol' US of A. YES ALRIGHT YOU YANKS, DON'T LOOK SO SMUG.

However, before you start hurling your Niall doll across the room, regretting it, running to retrieve it then stroking its face while whispering 'I'm sorry' - it's not all bad news - because Goldilocks did confirm that he is 100 per cent single.

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Yup, One Direction appeared on The Ellen Show this week, and host Ellen DeGeneres asked the question on thousands of girls lips: 'So who is single?'

Up shot the hand of Nialler, closely followed by Harry Styles and a rather awkward looking Liam Payne. That solves those Amy Green rumours then.

Niall Horan and Amy Green

NOW HERE COMES THE TOUGH BIT. Speaking about what he looks for in a girl, Nialler said: “I like someone that’s cute. Someone I can have a laugh with.

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“I also like people that are American.”

We know you do Nialler love, you've seen Demi Lovato's pink taco and everything.

Hazman also enlightened the world on what qualities he likes in a female of the species, saying: “I just think someone fun. It helps if they’re nice, someone like you [Ellen]!”

What do you make of all this?


You can watch the full One Direction episode in the UK on channel Really, 29th November, 4pm. 

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