Jack Whitehall: "Harry Styles' hair smells like autumn leaves and sex"

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Harry Styles’ curly bonce is so beautiful that we would expect it to smell of fresh roses, designer perfume and maybe even love itself. According to Jack Whitehall, we are very very wrong about the One Direction singer's locks.

Jack Whitehall

Chatting to Heat mag, Jack mentioned that he met Harry at James Cordon’s wedding a few months ago. Kind of.

“Well, you see, ‘meet’ suggests that we had a conversation, maybe threw out a couple of anecdotes and by the end felt like we knew eachother.

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"What actually happened when I ‘met’ Harry Styles was that I was a bit drunk and I grabbed him and I sort of hugged him, smelled his hair and then one of his management ushered me away”.

We now love Jack Whitehall for being as tremendously uncool as us. Very smooth.

He added: “But I got a picture and that’s all that counted.” Blatant fangirl!

Jack Whitehall Harry Styles

Finally, Jack added that when he inhaled Harry’s sweat hair aromas, the world’s most famous curls smelt “like the first leaves of autumn – that really fresh smell. And sex.”

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We’re hoping Jack’s kidding. Otherwise someone chuck that boy the Head and Shoulders asap.

What do you imagine Harry’s locks to smell like? HEAVEN ITSELF?

Here's a video which includes Hazza blow drying his hair. It goes WELL POUFY.


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