Harry Styles tells his dad that Cara Delevingne is 'the one'?

The world may be going crazy over Harry Styles and Taylor Swift rumours right now, but new reports concerning model Cara Delevingne have thrown a right spanner in the 'Haylor' works.

Because apparently, Harreh has told his dad that Cara is 'the one'. THE ONE? Bladdy hell the boy is only 18 years old - somehow we don't think settling down is high on his list of priorities.

harry styles tells his dad cara is the one

However, according to heat magazine, an 'insider' revealed that Hazman confided in dad Des about his feelings for the 20-year-old model.

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"Harry is smitten with Cara and they're secretly very close," said the source. "Harry even thinks she could be the one. He's keeping things low-key, but his dad has given his approval and thinks Cara is great.

"Harry sent Cara flowers and a present before she hit the catwalk for Victoria's secret, because it was her debut. He texted her all the way through, telling her how gorgeous and wonderful she looked."

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That may well be the case sourcey-pants, but - and we hate to break this to you - Hazza was last seen swinging a certain Ms. Swift over his shoulder before hanging out with her mum.

So what the frick do we think is going on Scapers? Is Hazza giving more than one laydee a ride in his lurvemobile? Or is this all a pile of BS?

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