Now District3 are out of The X Factor (oh god, it burns to type that), they are free to say whatever the hell they want about their mentor Louis Walsh.

So what did they reveal; does he wear a toupee? Or perhaps that he will only wee sitting down?

Um, no…

“Louis is secretly an utter gangsta,” said Greg West. “No, you should see him, when he’s got a flat peak on and got glasses on he looks good.”

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Hello Loueniem (we tried and failed to think of something catchier).

It’s not just his gangsta ways that Walshy has been keeping secret, the boys reckon he’s a total badass too.

“I don’t know if this is a secret but he’s deadly honest to the point where it’s actually quite scary,” said Micky Parsons. “Every week before we come down the stairs he gives us a, “Boys, you could be going home.”

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Dan Ferrari-Lane added: “Every week he’s like ‘Oi tink ya in der battam two,’” (thanks Fazza Lazza, it’s like we’re actually there). “And we’re like ‘coool, cheers mate!’”

“Another one, he loves Homeland,” said Greg of the West. “Yeah, he loves Homeland,” agreed Dan.

Oh bless him, he must have to watch it on catch up as Homeland’s on at the same time as Xtra Factor. We know this because it’s the source of many arguments in our house.

So there we have it, Louis Walsh is a mean, Homeland loving gangsta. We feel like he’s our Spirit Animal.

You can hear this interview, plus one with Little Mix and Scouting For Girls on The Official TOP40 Appcast which you can find by clicking here.


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