Justin Bieber stops traffic to confront a paparazzi - VIDEO

Being Justin Bieber must be a pretty tricky job and when he's not perfecting crotch-based dance moves and having people ask him about Selena Gomez, it's quite likely he's being followed about by paparazzi.

But one unsuspecting pap got a bit of a surprise when the Biebs stopped his fancy pants car in the middle of the road to have a few words about being chased about.

Justin Bieber confronts a paparazzi and stops traffic in LA - VIDEO

Despite the pap trying to give the Biebs some driving tips, El Biebo didn't seem to impressed about the fact that he was being followed.

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Standing up for himself and causing a minor traffic jam in the process, he had a few things to say back.

Check it out..

Well that was pretty sassy on the scale on 1 to Louis Tomlinson.


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