Justin Bieber: The Cute, The Bad and The Sexy

Yesterday Justin Bieber took our eyes on a rollercoaster of sights with all the pictures he was Instagraming of himself.

Oh he tried out a variety of looks, it’s almost as if he was at catalogue casting such were the different moods we had him in.

First up he gave us “Cute” with this pic of his little brother and sister sleeping on him.

Justin Bieber instagram

We see what you’re doing there Biebo, you’re using kids to up the “awww” ante but at the same time you’re giving us a subtle pout, to remind us all that although you have this sensitive “kids love me, I love kids” side, you’re still hot. Genius.

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This was later followed by “Sexy”. Here JB has cut all the crap and Instagramed a headless, topless pic of himself.

Why no head? Was he feeling insecure, worried that “Cute” had taken away from his sexiness? Or maybe he was doing something weird with his face and decided to crop it out? Whatever was going on in the Bieber brain, we have to admire how he’s managed to keep those trousers up.

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Finally we have "Bad." I hope you hate my style, he posted.

Now hate’s a strong word Bieberator, but we do think this may be the worst thing we’ve seen since you used that weird fake snake as an accessory.

See, rollercoaster.

Thank you for delivering us a range of delightful poses Bieber, we’re happy say that you have the job modelling in the Sugarscape Winter Catalogue.


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