One Direction arrive in JFK; Liam Payne's paynis gets a feel and Niall Horan shows Movember love

One Direction are heading over to New York City to look at giant cardboard cut-outs of themselves in 1D World (probably) and get ready for their MASSIVE Madison Square Garden shows.

Arriving in JFK airport, they were touching down and touching UP, as we can see from Liam Payne's firm hand back on his Paynis. Note the extended pinkie of the giant minder.


liam payne one direction jfk airport

Striding through the crowds with their gigantic minders keeping them safe from rabid Directioner saliva (maybe not rabid, soz) and the probing hands of One Direction fans' mums, Niall Horan displayed a floppy hair and a sprightly 'tache. On his t-shirt.

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niall horan one direction jfk airport

LOOK how easily Niall carries that giant bag of chicken wings. Look how he doesn't even flinch at the sheer weight of Peri Peri across his shoulders.

He's so manly. Swoon.

Still not fussed on Liam's tattoo though... SORRY LIAM, WE LOVE THE REST OF YOU. TOO MUCH. TO THE POINT WHERE IT'S WEIRD.

We went to New York to see One Direction once, check out the video;



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