JLS help Marvin Humes plan 'surprises' for Niall Horan's new home

After news broke last week that One Direction’s Niall Horan has bought Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman’s old flat for a bargain price of £2.2 million (which Marvin casually referred to as ‘mates rates’), the JLS boys haven’t exactly been discreet about the pranks they intend to play on poor Nialler.

jls niall one direction

Marvin revealed that he has already bought Niall a moving in present, in the form of a cushion with Niall's very own face on it, but the rest of the boys want a go as well.

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“Whiffy prawns hidden in the curtain rails were joked about,” a source told The Mirror.

“And, of course, Niall will have to quickly change the locks so he doesn’t end up with a member of JLS letting themselves in and roaming around in the early hours.”

niall horan one direction jls

But it's all in good fun, as the two bands are TOTES the best of buds.

“If we’re not playing golf together or going on nights out or whatever when we get chance, then we’re usually in contact with [One Direction] on BBM,” Marvin revealed, making us all froth at the mouth at the thought of nine fitties frolicking together.

Prawns in the curtain rails might be gross - and not the mature behavious expected of a dad-to-be! - but if we were moving in, we’d totally welcome a surprise midnight visit from JLS.

JLS tell us about having sex to their own songs. Lovely.

JLS read sexy lyrics down the camera to us - that we made up. It's hot.

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