Tom Daley does the Mobot dance in his Speedos - VIDEO

Now that he's got a bronze medal, we can't help thinking that Tom Daley would do just fine if he decided to throw in his Speedos and commit to a career as a professional dancer.

Don't believe us? Well you might just want to check out this video of Tom prancing about doing what we can only describe as his very own interpretive dance based on the Mobot in aid of the Mo Farah Foundation.

Tom Daley dances to the Mobot in aid of the Mo Farah foundation - VIDEO

Naturally our main concern about Tom's dance career would be the lack of Speedos in his life. Even if he was wearing low cut lycra outfits, nothing could compare to his current uniform of the tiniest pants available to buy in countries where full-frontal public nudity is still technically a crime.

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But what's that we hear? This video involves both choreographed dancing and casual nudity?

Tom Daley dances to the Mobot in aid of the Mo Farah foundation - VIDEO


In that case, there is clearly nothing left to say except that you probably need to check this out with your very own eyes. You may want to take occular precautions though as there is a LOT of fit manflesh bouncing about on show.

What a great bum wiggle he has. We'd like it more if it was about five times as long though..

What do you think of all that?

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