Harry Styles dodges questions about Taylor Swift: WATCH

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Media training is a serious skill to master, so if you’re crap at it, the best thing to do when you’re a celeb is just to just keep your mouth shut. Seems like this might be Harry Styles’ new rule of thumb to stick by when it comes to being asked about his latest love interest, Taylor Swift.

Harry Styles

Touching down at JFK airport on Monday, Hazzizzle was bombarded with screaming ladies and camera flash bulbs, and one particularly nosey voice piped up to put him on the spot and quiz him on the latest rumours about his relationship with Swifty.

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Harry Styles

Rather than giving a witty and intelligently subtle response to make us all go OOOOOHHHH and AHHHH, Harry just kept his hood up and his trap shut. Fair enough love.

Watch his cool and calm response to the question everyone wants to know right here:

Those paps should be glad the rest of One Direction weren’t around, or there may have been some kind of sassy intervention to come to his rescue.

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Here’s a clip of Harry in happier times, and actually answering some questions.


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