Justin Bieber's new Girlfriend fragrance commercial: WATCH

So according to the new advert for Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend fragrance, Selena Gomez is definitely out of the picture and has been replaced by, errr… you. GOOD NEWS!

Justin Bieber

Just in time for Crimbo, Father Biebmas has launched the brand new commercial campaign for his best selling perfume, which is shot totally from the perspective of the watcher.

So instead of seeing him prance around with some pretty California chicky that makes you want to weep with jealousy, he prances around with US! Or, ahem, you. At least, you can pretend he does. Prance prance prance.

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Justin Bieber Text


We’re just a bit disappointed he doesn’t snog the camera. Although it’s probs for the best to stop us snogging our screen in return and getting some kind of horrendous electric shock a-la-topless-Marvin-Humes-pic-2011.

So have a little watch and pretend that you and Justin are having a picnic in the park, watching a lovely film and getting a text from the man himself saying that he misses you. AWHHHHH.

We are also loving the acoustic version of Boyfriend which needs to get on our iPod asap.

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