Niall Horan gets 'I Love SC' tattoo on his bum

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You can kiss goodbye to the ink free skin of Niall Horan as he's gone and joined the One Direction tattoo club, admitting to having had an 'I love SC' tatt inked onto his bum cheek.

What we wouldn't do for a good look at that. One direction;s Niall horan reveals new tatto that says 'I Love SE'

1D are pretty big on the tatts and after Louis and Liam took the plunge a couple of months ago, Nialler was the only one left without one.

Having wimped out of getting one quite recently, it sounds like Niall has finally bitten the bullet and joined the rest of the lads in their pretty much weekly trips to the tattoo parlour. That is if it all isn't some big joke...

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One direction;s Niall horan reveals new tatto that says 'I Love SE'

Appearing on X Factor USA Niall was asked if he has any new tattoos, to which he answered: “Yes I have one”

“It says I love SC and it's on my bum," he added.

Sadly he wasn't keen to show it off though, which we can't help thinking is kinda the point. Check out the video...

We have to say we were a bit surprised to hear it was on his arse - especially as last time he chickened out  of getting one it was because his bum cheek was apparently too squidgy and would have made it hurt a lot.

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Perhaps he's been having Zayn and Liam give those cheeks a daily massage in a bid to toughen them up.

Either way, we would like to know who this SC/SE character is ASAP. Simon Cowell? Sexy Edwina? Sandy (B)Eales?

More importantly - was he joking?


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