Proving that they are indeed the most perfect males in creation, One Direction have covered one the GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME, 90s anthem Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus.

One Direction

Just listening to this makes us want to pull on a pair of pop socks and an inflatable backpack and let out all our pre-teen angst all over again. And let’s just remember that Harry Styles was only 6 when this track first came out. OH GOD, WE ARE SO OLD.

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The boys unveiled their version of the tune at their gig in Uncasville, Connecticut at Mohegan Sun Centre, which they promised was a preview for their upcoming world tour. Squeeeeee.

Niall Horan

During the top notch cover, we see Harry take lead opening vocals, Niall playing a bit of the old geetar, and five pairs of very tight skinny jeans. Ommmm.

Harry Styles

Highlights include Liam taking the mega high pitched girly vocals (all that grabbing of le paynis has taken him up an octave by the sounds of things), lots of air guitar playing near crotch areas, and Harry’s super sassy fringe flick around 1.40.

Let’s all sit and share the glorious moment shall we?

The gig also obv included loads of classics from both the Up All Night and Take Me Home albums.


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