Niall Horan tooth update: 'My braces are coming off in January'

As disappointing as it is that Niall Horan taking his braces off code for him planning to take off all his clothes to music any time soon, it's slightly made up for that the fact the One Direction singer's newly straightened teeth are about to be unleashed back into the world.

Niall Horan Smile Gallery

Frankly we'd fancy Goldilocks if he had a family of goats nesting in his mouth, but he's still pretty excited about getting his braces off after a year.

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"I go to the dentist when I get back from New York," he explained to BOP.

"But that's my last trip of tightening and stuff and then the next time I got, which is about six weeks later I get them off."

"So January, yeah," he added as the lads gave him a rousing chorus of applause. We'd like to imagine that they also tweaked his nose in appreciation of his dedication to dentistry.

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As lovely as this oral hygeine update is, we can't help wondering what's going to happen to his eating habits once there's even more room to store chicken in his cheeks like a hamster.

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