One Direction and their girlfriends in New York: Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer, Harry Styles & Taylor Swift - PICS & VIDEO

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One Direction had a rare day off from Madison Square Garden rehearsals in New York yesterday - and chose to spend their free time with the ladies in their lives.

Yep, not only was Harry Styles spotted out and about with Taylor Swift and Baby Lux (agh!) but Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards and Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder were also hobnobbing around the streets of Manhattan looking all loved up.

one direction in new york with girlfriends

What's that you say? Payzar? Oh yes we almost forgot - LIAM PAYNE AND DANIELLE PEAZER WERE SNAPPED HOLDING HANDS. Release the doves and belt out a chorus of 'Hallelujah' s'il. vous. plait.

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Click next to see LOADS of pics of the One Direction lads with their other halves - it'll give you the warm and fuzzies, that's fo' sho.

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Harreh and Tay Swizzle proved that Haylor is very much alive and well - by strutting through Central Park Zoo with Lou Teasdale, her hubby Tom and the frickin' adorable Baby Lux.

one direction with their girlfriends in new york


one direction with their girlfriends in new york

We think we just exploded from all the cuteness - there's bits of our BLOWN brains scattered all over the desk. Yes you're right, that was a tad disgusting.

one direction with their girlfriends in new york

We're not sure what part of this photo we love more - Harreh looking all paternal, Lux's itty bitty hands - Or Tay-Tay's AWESOME fox jumper. *sigh*

Look, it's an actual moving image of Haylor in action. Tay tries to help fans get a photo with Harreh - whadda gal.

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Of all the excitement we experienced yesterday - seeing Liam and Danielle clutching hands once more was by far our highlight. LONG LIVE PAYZAR and all that jazz.

one direction in new york

You can't see us - but we're actually doing a little jog of joy at this photo of the pair strolling down a New York street. Ok, a big jig of joy.

one direction in new york

Here they are again, from the back this time. It's nice to get a look at a couple reunited from every angle, we feel.

one direction in new york

Later, Liam and Danielle enjoyed a spot of theatre on Broadway. Together. ACTUALLY TOGETHER. (sorry we're still quite excited).

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Ok so there's not as much drama surrounding Louis and Eleanor as the previous two couples, but that doesn't make them any less adorable.

one direction in new york

We're slightly concerned about Louis' eyes in this pic though. Where have they gone? WHO TOOK THEM?

one direction in new york

Another 'Member of One Direction holding hands with his girlfriend from behind' shot. It's a classic.

one direction in new york

God Bless Eleanor Calder for posting this photo of Louis on Instagram for the world to see. How she manages to do ANYTHING other than kiss his face for 24 hours a day, we really don't know. The girl must have some serious willpower, that's all we're saying.

one direction in new york

Lou and El also enjoyed a spot of theatre. How very cultured of them.

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Now let's have a look at what our favourite Bradford Bad Boi and his gal pal Perrie Edwards got up to in New York.

one direction in new york

There's no mistaking the purple locks of Pezza. Look - Zayn's just caught a glimpse of himself in that shiny surface over there.

one direction in new york

More shopping. The Quiff is looking a little deflated, is he not?

one direction in new york

Gahd, young love - ain't it grand?

Now, we know what you're thinking. All these photos of One Direction couples are lovely and all, but where the hecky peck is Nialler? Cuddled up with a chicken? Flashing his new bum tattoo at the top of the Empire State Building?

All very good guesses, but ACTUALLY Niall was with some ladies of his own...

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one direction in new york

Lots and lots and lots of ladies. Yes, poor ol' Nialler is in the back of that cab. He was probably bladdy terrified.

So there you have it - Haylor, Payzar, Elounor and Zerrie out and about in Noo Yeork. Which couple is your fave?

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Images: Twitter

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