Chace Crawford models for fashion site Mr

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This week’s edition of the online fashion journal shizz,, features none other than the inhumanly gorgeous face of Gossip Girl star, Chace Crawford. Did we mention how much we LOVE today?

Be prepared to want to dive out of the nearest window at the sight of these photos. OH GAHD HE’S SO DREAMY.

Chace Crawford

We are totes digging the velvet slacks.

In the exclusive shoot for the website, Chace revisited the brief modelling career that he had before becoming the well fit one on Gossip Gal, and also chatted to the company about his time on the show which has recently ended. We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do with our lives now it’s over, sob sob.

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Chace Crawford

Chace described leaving the show as “...a surreal experience. Like leaving college, just without a degree.” DON’T LEAVE THEN. DON’T GO CHACE.

Luckily for us, Mr Handsomeface is moving on to bigger and better (and hopefully more naked) things in the big wide world of Hollywood. “I want to do something really shocking”, he told the site. “I know I'm capable of it. The right thing just has to come up.”

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chace crawford

We’re excited to see what’s in store for Monseiur ex-Nathaniel Archibald. If the acting goes arse up you can always come and work at Sugarscape babes. We need a new naked butler.

Are you gutted that Gossip Girl has come to an end? XOXO SUGARSCAPE



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