Liam Payne: 'The Larry stuff needs to stop'

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Louis Tomlinson labelled it 'bullsh*t' and Harry Styles said it doesn't really bother him (what does though, eh?) - now Liam Payne has waded into the Larry Stylinson drama by telling fans that it 'needs to stop'.

ALL HAIL THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN SENSIBLE - who sounds like a dad laying down the law to kids that have gone a bit mental after drinking too much fizzy pop.

liam payne and louis tomlinson

Liam, like the sassquatch before him, used twitter to slam the Larry rumours - and when Daddy Directioner gets involved, you know sh*t just got serious.

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"its the 3rd and im waiting for this larry storm stuff," wrote one user, referring to all the 'Mr X' and 'Larry Storm' shiz that's been sending the One Direction fandom into a frenzy.

"think the larry stuff needs to stop anyway.." replied Liam. With what we imagine to be a stern voice and a slight frown.

Liam Payne comments on Larry Stylinson tweet

He then sent a tweet to a second twitter user - who had posted a photo of Louis and Harry with the caption: "It's so painfully obvious that they were holding hands." 

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Cap'n Sensipants was having NONE OF IT, responding with a simple yet oh-so-effective: "nope". God we love it when he's so direct.

liam payne replies to Larry Stylinson tweet

So there you have it - three out of five have publicly slammed Larry Stylinson, which is clearly becoming a serious annoyance for the boys.

What's next - Zayn and Niall doing the tango on top of the Empire State Building chanting 'SHTAP TALKING ABOUT BLADDY LARRY'?


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