James Arthur 'diagnosed with depression' before The X Factor

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We think you'll all agree that James Arthur is one of the most talked about people in music-land right now. Not only has he nabbed a spot in The X Factor final alongside Jahmene Douglas and Christopher Maloney, but the general consensus is that he's going to be a MASSIVE star in the very near future.

However, this time last year James was in a very different place - and has revealed that things became so bad that he was diagnosed with depression.

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James Arthur

"This time last year was the darkest point of my life," he admitted. "I wanted to be making music and I wasn't, so I cut myself off from everything and I was in a bad place.

"I could see it all spiralling and I felt like I couldn't go on like that. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I was on and off medication, but I decided I didn't want to go down that route.

"The X Factor saved me. It's helped me beat my demons and I know I'll never let that happen again."

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We're glad to hear it Jimmy A.

James is still struggling with self-confidence issues though - admitting that despite his recent success with the ladies, and the fact he has eyes we just want to get naked and swim around in - he really doesn't think he's attractive.

"I've always thought I'm pretty ugly," he said. "It's great because I get so many nice messages on Twitter, but I'll get one bad comment saying I need my teeth sorted out and I can't forget it."

James Arthur

He added: "I've got enough insecurities to mean I'll never get a big head. But I'm confident in my personality. I might not look like the happiest guy in the world, but I am. I just don't smile because I've got sh*t teeth.

"It sounds vain but I think I'll get veneers so I can smile in potos. And I'll get a washboard stomach and then I'll be whipping my top off."

*AHEM* In the words of Mark Darcy to Bridget Jones - we like you just the way you are, James. What about you, Scapers?

Watch this video of James and his fellow X Factor buddies reading cheesy lines from Twilight while you compose an answer.


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