Zayn Malik: I'm addicted to designing tattoos, not getting them

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Zayn Malik might be well on the way to turning himself into one giant tattoo of a One Direction member, but apparently it's the arty side of inking up that has got him hooked.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik

Every time 1D go out they seem to have miraculously gained a new pile of tatts, but being so busy all the time, it's really the fact that designing them involves getting out his artistic side that Zayn really likes about it.

He certainly seems to like showing them off, but unfortunately it doesn't sound like he's run out of room enough to warrant getting one on his bum just yet.

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Discussing his arm full of inkings with Teen Now, he said: "I want to fill up my entire right arm to my elbow to start off with.

"I've got loads of ideas - I draw as well," he continued. "I'm more addicted to coming up with ideas for tattoo, rather than the tattoo itself."

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Seeing as the lads are off having lots of New York based adventures, we can't help wondering if they are going to inspire a brand new set of tattoos.

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Fingers crossed it involves a big etching of all five of the lads doing a King Kong style clamber up the side of the Empire State Building or something.

What do you think?

Look at Zayn being all fresh-faced and tattoo-free WAY back in the day. Just LOOK...


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Images: PA / Myrna Suarez

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