One Direction 'reject US condom deal'

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One Direction are said to have turned down a ma-hoo-sive deal to promote condoms in America, allegedly because their fans are "too young" to have rubbers marketed at them.

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"The offer was enormous and even tied into a safe sex organisation in the US," heard the Daily Star.

"It came from one of the biggest brands in the world. 'While the boys didn't sneer at the money, they felt their fans were slightly too young for this type of project.

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''They are promoting dolls and games, so that is the age group who are buying their products. The boys remain very candid about supporting the use of condoms if asked in interviews."

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After JLS brought out their own range of lover-covers, OK! magazine asked One Direction about bringing out a line of their own last year;

"I wouldn't like to endorse condoms because of the jokes that would be made," Liam told OK!

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"[Puts on voice] 'Are you even old enough to have sex?'"

"It could be a bit embarrassing if someone gave you your own condoms," added Zayn.

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"But it's good for us to endorse safe sex."

To be honest, we're pretty glad the boys aren't bringing out their own range of ribbers - mainly because we feel Niall might push for his to be chicken flavoured, and that should never be allowed to happen.


What do you think about One Direction's decision to not endorse condoms? Do you think their fans are too young? Or should they be promoting safe sex to everyone?

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