So Undercover star Josh Bowman - Sugarscape Ladvent Day 7

Tell us Scapers, which would you prefer to wake up to in the morning - a small square of moderately tasty chocolate - or the divine Joshua Bowman, star of Revenge and Miley Cyrus flick So Undercover?

ladvent day 6 joshua bowman

If you didn't pick the second option, then you're not the people we thought you were. *sob*

Joshua's gorgeous face, hot bod and the fact that he's BRITISH (woo!) all combine to make him a worthy selection for Day 7 of the Sugarscape Ladvent calender.

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ladvent day 6 joshua bowman

In fact, we're renaming it Day SEXY (what? it sounds sort of similar) in honor of his cheekbones. And arms. Look at those arms.

If these photos aren't providing quite enough drooling opportunity, then you can see Josh in action in So Undercover alongside Miley Cyrus, which hits cinemas TODAY.

Josh Bowman Ladvent day 6

That's our Friday night sorted. How about you?

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Images: PA/grapevine

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