One Direction perform Little Things on The Letterman Show: WATCH

In between all the girlfriend showing off in New York, and the trips to Taylor Swift's hotel room with washbag in hand, One Direction have actually done a bit of that singing thing that they're quite good at whilst in the Land of Dreams.

The boys did a beautiful performance of Little Things on one of America’s most popular programmes, The Letterman Show.

zayn malik

After a nice chat on the biggest couch in the universe, 1D plonked their delicious little arses on the most envied speaker boxes in the world to do their acoustic performance.

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one direction

Also incase you didn't know, Niall got snogged by Dustin Hoffman, which was, err... weird. But he didn't seem to complain too much.

For the performance, there was a lot of moody stares, smouldering eyes and heart melting harmonies. You just never let us down do you guys? SWOON.

Watch the video for yourself here:

Are you a mess of hormones and unrequited love on the floor right now too? Cool, glad we’re not the only ones.

Niall Horan gets snogged by Dustin Hoffman. Erm, okay.

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