Harry Styles gets mobbed as he leaves his hotel: PICS

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When you’re trying your very best to make a quick getaway from the hotel where you may or may not have just spent the night with a blonde red-lippie-wearing country pop singer, being mobbed by an army of fans is not the best scenario.

Unfortunately for Harry Styles, it’s all in a days work when you’re in One Direction.

harry styles

As Harry made a break for it from his Manhattan hotel, he had to battle his way through hoards of screaming ladies who had managed to find out where he was staying. Ahh the wonders of the internet.

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However, being that he’s Harry Styles and all, he still managed to look well fit in the process.

harry styles

Told you.

Even when some crazy gal was grabbing onto him for DEAR LIFE. We can’t blame her really, we've done worse. Although he doesn’t look too pleased about it. Personal space please, love. And the shirt’s probably well expensive.

We can only imagine the sass that would have been unleashed if that had been Louis' arm. NOT THE GUCCI JACKET DARLING.

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harry styles

After a lot of NO PHOTOS PLEASE from his scary looking male entourage, Harry stopped by his car to sign a couple of autographs before ducking into the car and speeding off into the distance, probably with a great big sigh of relief.




Are you guilty of mobbing your fave celebs or do you not like to see people treating them like this?

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