Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber & his owl tattoo at Y100's Jingle Ball

This Christmas celebrity shizz is all getting a bit confusing. Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone strutted down the red carpet at yet ANOTHER event called the Jingle Ball in America. COME ON PEOPLE, every single event this year has been called the frickin' Jingle Ball. What about a Festive Frolick? A Holiday Hoe-down? A BLOODY CHRISTMAS CANOODLE?


austin mahone

Austin Mahone seemed to want us all to pay special attention to the plain white t-shirt he had on underneath his red rubber stuff, holding his jacket open especially so we could look.

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Thanks A-Mahz, but you're gonna have to get the Sugarscape logo on your next one to impress us.

ed sheeran y100

Ed Sheeran adopted his usual "Hello I'm Ed and I don't really want to be here" pose, but we're pretty glad he decided to turn up anyway.

Then... there's Bieber. Subtle as ever.

justin bieber y100

Must've been pretty bright in that indoor event there, all the pap flashes probably put on a blinding display - that must be why he's wearing the sunglasses, right?

Also, does he have any arm hair?

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