McFly boys, JB JLS and Greg Rutherford looking FIT at The Hobbit premiere

London played host to the swanky premiere of The Hobbit last night, and some of our most perved on celebrities headed down to the foliage themed (How often do we ever get to type 'foliage'? Result.) carpet. McFly's Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd were there - Danny Jones was probably off doing bicep curls somewhere - along with JB from JLS, and Greg Rutherford from OUR HEARTS (and the Olympics).

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mcfly at the hobbit premiere

At premieres these celebby types tend to go out of their way to groom, prune, wash and floss befre they strut down the red carpet. They make sure they're ready, that they look their best, and that they've turned the 'swag' on. Or whatever.

Apart from Dougie, who forgot to do a wee before he left. AMATEUR.

mcfly hobbit premiere

JB turned up with gorgeous girlfriend Chloe Tangney and a jacket we reckon we could see our reflections in, fresh from a great day that began with a Sugarscape interview where he was made to roll around on the floor (video up this week).

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jb and chloe tangney at hbbit premiere

Greg Rutherford was just happy to be invited.

greg rutherford

In 'loosely-related' news, we made McFly kiss each other while blindfolded the other week. Videoed it and everything, LOOK;


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Images: PA / Wenn

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