One Direction's hands on your boob, anyone? Just the right one though.

As if One Direction weren't already asking you to Take Me Home, look at their Little Things and Rock Me OVer Again, they're now going to place one hand on the right boob of all their lady fans who buy a somewhat overpriced One Direction onesie.

Louis fit-face Tomlinson tweeted a link to the One Piece shop this morning, saying they'd had a "fun design session" and that he'd "post a video from it soon."

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one direction women's onesie

The onesies have an individual hand print from a bequiffed (or curly, let's be fair) 1D lad on them and a giant one on the back, or there's a different one overed in loads of hand prints from them all.

one direction male onesie

At £99, we might be forced to just follow the boys around with a tin of paint and get them to whack their hands on our jugs for real. But we're not that type of gal. Obvs.

Will you be buying one?


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