James Arthur: "I'm a bit of an ugly f****r so I'll take what I can get"

James Arthur might not describe himself as sex on legs, but since appearing on telly and inviting the whole country to Get It On with him, the X Factor winner has apparently experienced a pile of ladies throwing themselves at his feet.

James Arthur and his eyelashes look fit at the X Factor wrap party - PICS

Having seen his permanently lipstick smeared face and the flock of women that follow him about every time he nips out for a Sherbet Fountain, we can't say we're that surprised to hear that James has been getting a fair few offers of action in the last couple of months.

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But despite not thinking he's on the Justin Bieber level of hotness, James isn't about to knock it and unsurprisingly enough quite likes being hit on.

"I realise I’m not exactly Brad Pitt," James told The Sun. "I’m a bit of an ugly f****r so I’ll take what I can get while I can.

It's not just new ladies on the scene either and apparently girls he's asked out in the past have also miraculously decided to get back in touch. Probably keen for a private performance, if you know what we mean.

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“Some of the girls I never had a hope of pulling are getting back in touch on Facebook now I’ve been on telly.”

Blimey, he's a bit like the Pied Piper isn't he? If that track was any long we'd probably have been discovered trying to force our bra into the CD drive by our boss.

Probably not the best look, but what do you think about this? Appreciate his powers of seduction?

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