One Direction reveal what they sing when they're NAKED in the shower

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Showering with One Direction is the stuff the wettest dreams are made of. Except if you’ve got one of those showers where there is a millimetre’s difference between freezing cold and burning all your skin off, that would just be a bit awkward an unsexy.

Aaanyway, if you enjoy picturing the boys lathering up then, holy flack, do we have the final piece of the visual and audio puzzle for you: WHAT THE BOYS SING.

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One genius Brazilian fan asked los chicos just which popstars they like to become when they’re naked.

“I sometimes sing Michael Jackson in the shower. Who’s Loving You,” revealed Harry Styles. Perfect choice actually, the “whhoooo’s loooooving yooooouuuu”, bit suits his slowest voice in the world wonderfully.

“I find myself singing a lot of Ed Sheeran songs in the shower,” said Liam Payne while sucking on a Werther’s Original.

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“I’m gonna have to join you Liam,” said The Louis Tomlinson Sasquatch. “I sing Ed Sheeran quite a lot in the shower too.”

“Yeah, me too actually. I agree,” actually agreed Niall Horan.

To which Zayn Malik made noises that sounded like agreement, but may have been the sound of pout.

So there you have it, Ed Sheeran showers with all of One Direction expect for Hazza who likes to try out his moonwalk instead.

PS. Never try and moonwalk in the shower, we tried once and are now a tooth down.


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