Ed Sheeran: "I was kidnapped by The Wanted"

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It turns out that those lovely photos of Max George and Ed Sheeran sharing a bed on The Wanted's tourbus weren't actually the result of an innocent sleepover after all, and according El Sheero, he was actually kidnapped by the lads.

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To be perfectly honest, we don't know too many people that would complain about being locked on The Wanted's tourbus, especially if all five of the lads were on board. But sadly Ed seems to have a little bit of memory loss about what actually went on during his stay on the lurvewagon.

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“I got kidnapped by The Wanted," Eduardo explained to the Daily Star, probably while giving his lovely red locks a scratch in confusion.

“They took me on their tour bus. After six or seven beers, I was in a state and, yeah, I had loads of giggle fits.

“I had bruises on me and stuff. I didn’t know where they’d come from. It was a pretty mental night.”

Perhaps it was like that time Tom pooed in a plastic bag and wiped the warm little present all over Jay's arm. We can understand why Ed's memory would block something like that out - probably to protect his mental wellbeing.

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That said, the image of Ed giggling like a loon while running about a bus with Nathan makes our ovaries hurt. They are two of our Hottest Lads of 2012 after all..

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Images: Twitter / Max George

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